Unify your network with the power of the cloud.

Unity 7.0 is a cutting edge business management system designed specifically for MLM operations. It encompasses a vast collection of powerful features for managing sales, commissions, genealogy, customer service and a network spanning the globe. With cloud-based technologies, it provides access to all of a network's information in real time and equips distributors with powerful tools to sell, enroll and excel.

Commission Configuration

Complete support for any compensation plan with real time graphing, reporting and processing of commission rules. Experiment with commissions and rules in an identical test environment before applying them to your plan.
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Genealogy Displays

View your genealogy through customizable displays with advanced search options and drill down features. Monitor your networks progress through custom user reports, detailing trends in sales, rank advancements and more.
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Replicated Websites

Boost your distributors sales and professional presence with replicated websites that enhance their marketing as individuals and yours as a company. Replicate any website with ease, giving your network the ability to grow in both the digital and physical world.
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Understanding Compensation Plans

Greystar provides intensive guidance on creating successful compensation plans that are custom tailored for your organization. Begin here with a concise overview of compensation plans, written by Greystar CEO, Barry Trottier.
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I would like to offer my highest recommendation for the services provided by Greystar Solutions and Barry Trottier. Our company utilized their services for nearly five years to support and facilitate the growth of...
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Product Setup

Easily create any combination of products and prices, and stay organized with complete inventory tracking.

International Business

Set up custom rules, currencies and information for any country your network expands to.

Admin Control Setup

Have complete control of your network with an administration system that combines ease of use with power.


Conduct sales like a pro with multiple options for eCommerce services, order forms and credit card processing.


View your networks performance through automated repots presenting key information in real time.


Specify privileges for admin accounts and rest assured with fully encrypted data storage and tracking.

Email Marketing

Create professional email campaigns, custom auto responders and filter the right information to the right recipient.